Letters to the Editor

Sorenson’s service

I was sad to read Katy Sorenson’s June 22 article, Sorenson says farewell to the Good Government Initiative, after just more than five successful years.

Her primary reason was the inability to put together a class of at least 16 participants, considered to be the “critical mass” required to conduct a quality program. Sorenson said the pool of eligible and interested elected officials has been depleted.

While her oped was positive in tone, summarizing the successes of the nonpartisan program and applauding the number of elected public officials who have participated (more than 80) and used their experiences to help improve policy-making in the public sector, it is alarming to realize not enough current or potential elected officials are willing to commit their time and energy to continue to maintain a program that stresses ethics and how to best serve the public interest.

Hopefully, those elected officials who did benefit from this program will continue to be positive influences for the citizens they serve.

Doug Greist, Miami