Letters to the Editor

New Dade animal shelter is no solution

Regarding the new animal shelter, we wish your editorial had concluded that the new shelter will certainly be a nice new home for our animals, but for the hundreds of thousands that continue to live on our streets, we have much more work to do.

We are concerned that the community will think that the animal problem is solved because we have a beautiful new shelter.

We love the new shelter and weren’t protesting, but rallying for the truth and for animals. A new building is far from the solution. It holds 75 more dogs than the old facility, and about 100 cats. With 100 animals coming in each day, how many more $29 million shelters do you want to build?

This is not the solution 500,000 people voted for: Here’s why:

▪ There are 100 animals a day pouring into the shelter.

▪ Parvo and distemper are rampant throughout Miami-Dade.

▪  The old shelter held 300 dogs. The new shelter 375.

▪  Thousands of cats on the streets reproducing in record numbers.

▪  Rescue groups are inundated and in desperate need of funding.

▪  We need to do 100,000 to 120,000 spay/neuter surgeries a year. We’re not even close.

▪  Dogs are running rampant in the southern end of our county and in inner cities.

▪  Animals are adopted with no follow-up to their well being.

▪  Free adoption days to get them out as quickly as possible.

The new shelter is called the “Protection Center.” We call it the Gimenez Deception Center because Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who has said that he had different priorities when it comes to helping animals, now seems to be an animal lover. The mayor was not speaking from his heart, but rather from his calculation that opening the shelter two months before that election was simply a tool in his campaign chest.

Michael Rosenberg

Rita Schwartz,

founders, Pets’ Trust, Miami