Letters to the Editor

Supporting LGBT children

I disagree with Dr. Samir Sabbag’s June 6 commentary, Accepting LGBT family members helps reduce risk of suicide, that parents should accept and approve of a child’s homosexuality.

While parents should acknowledge it, have meaningful dialogue and continue to love and support the child, they by no means are morally obligated to accept the homosexual activities if it conflicts with their deeply held moral convictions.

What if parents discoverd their adult child works as a prostitute in Nevada where it is legal? To prove their love, must they accept and support such activities?

If anything, the child is morally obligated to respect the objections of the parents, even if they disagree with those objections.

It is unreasonable and unfair to expect a parent to approve of sexual behavior they find immoral. Respect is a two-way street.

Mike Cooley, Sunrise