Letters to the Editor

Why is Marco Rubio running

What kind of person would use the occasion of a mass murder to their own political advantage?

It seems Marco Rubio is that kind of person. The bodies had not even been identified before “news leaks” were spreading that, because of the shooting, he was suddenly reconsidering his iron-clad statement that he would not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate.

That’s simply disgusting. It doesn’t take a political insider to know where those news leaks came from because they can only help one person — Marco Rubio.

Where is Sen. Rubio when it comes to pushing for answers on why such a tragedy happened? Why does he not even mention the tragedy on his Senate website? Why is he silent on the debate around sensible gun-control legislation?

But yet he has continuously found his voice when it comes to opposing pro-LGBT legislation.

Our state, especially the LGBT community, is focused on the healing process. Our elected leaders should be focused on finding answers to how we can avoid this from happening again.

Sadly it seems that one of our state’s potentially strongest voices is only focused on how it impacts one person — Marco Rubio.

Tony Lima,

executive director,