Letters to the Editor

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine attacks

I was appalled by Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine’s glib and feckless trashing of Miami Herald writer Jenny Staletovich and South Florida’s foremost research scientist and educator in the field of climate change and sea level rise, Harold Wanless. He is chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Miami.

During the course of a discussion of the scientific findings of Staletovich’s article, not only did Levine continuously refer to her writing as a “hit piece” without validity, but also stated that Wanless’ claim that Miami Beach will someday be under water to be utterly groundless sensationalism, intended to sell books and obtain paid lecture opportunities.

Levine displays ignorance of the fact that barrier islands all over the world are going under water. The pumps in use in Miami Beach are a stopgap measure. No pumps can defeat the Atlantic Ocean as it continues to rise.

I have attended several of Wanless’ lectures and did not have to pay a penny to benefit from his years of research and expertise.

I also completed two Cleo Institute/UM seminars, for which I did not have to pay. Food and beverages were also generously provided at each two-day seminar. As for Staletovich, her incredible work on environmental issue brings great value to Herald readers.

Both Wanless and Staletovich work with a passion for the greater good of the community. They deserve every dollar they earn, as well as the respect of all who benefit from their brilliant work.

Antoinette B. Fischer,

South Miami