Letters to the Editor

Virginia Key marina

The public got thrown a bone on June 22 when Miami commissioners agreed not to allow a marina in Virginia Key basin.

The design was a violation of both the Virginia Key Master Plan and historic designation anyway. We’re supposed to be satisfied because they agreed to stop something that was never supposed to happen in the first place. Really?

The public packed the room to encourage commissioners to throw out the bid. The marina in the basin was the most egregious part of that plan, but not the only concern.

Commissioner Ken Russell was eloquent in his defense of the public’s desire to preserve the natural habitat of Virginia Key, but unable to muster consensus.

The commission couldn’t come to a decision, and the chairman is in large part to blame.

Commissioner Keon Hardemon is an obstructionist who loves to hear himself speak. There is little respect for the agenda or for the public. On June 9, he disappeared from the room during public discourse on the marina project. His support for the winning bidder, RCI, is obvious.

So the $100 million project is still alive — no surprise. And we, the taxpayers, remain disgusted, disappointed and disillusioned.

Joyce Landry,

Coconut Grove