Letters to the Editor

Condos eat up Miami’s waterfront property

Re June 21 article Miami’s offer to sell river HQ, lease new office draws two suitors: Apparently just about all the choice waterfront property on Biscayne Bay has been snapped up by developers for the purpose of building even more seldom-occupied condos for the 1 percent to safely park their money a little closer to home.

Now the Miami River seems to be desirable and the newest opportunity to build more condos with a different kind of water view.

Once Miami had a thriving marine industry located on the Miami River, but it has been relocated to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Miami prefers to rezone neighborhoods so that even more condos can be built.

The rationalization is that more residents will generate more property taxes. Besides, politicians have to find some way to legally demonstrate their gratitude to the financial donors for their support in helping to elect them. The city of Miami now sees an opportunity to sell its choice Miami River property on Southwest Second Avenue.

It’s commendable that our leaders are willing to consider relocating our city government administration offices to areas near Marlins Park in Little Havana or next to the Lyric Theater in Overtown.

Giving up a water view of the river demonstrates their self-sacrifice and commitment to our community. This would also be the perfect opportunity to better serve our community by having the office of the mayor, all commissioners and managers in one centrally located facility.

A new city administration facility is the proper place for Miami City Hall to be located just like all other municipalities. Bringing all city government offices under one roof will help us to be more efficientand frugal.

Then permit the residents of Coconut Grove to decide how best to repurpose our cherished historic Pan Am Terminal.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb, Coconut Grove