Letters to the Editor

Vote no on Rubio

It appears Sen. Marco Rubio has found a good-paying job where he almost never has to show up to collect that paycheck. It’s called the U.S. Senate.

He was originally backed by the tea party and now seems to have been drawn into the Radical Christian Right and the Israel-Firster crowds.

Just a reminder that Rubio was a co-sponsor of the “personhood” amendment, which would humanize a fertilized egg at conception, thus making abortion murder. He opposed all four of those gun laws voted on in the Senate, thus allowing those on a no-fly list the opportunity to purchase assault weapons.

He questions climate change, and he opposed comprehensive immigration reform even after he was the leader in the Senate pushing it.

There is no good reason to re-elect this sham of a politician.

Harvey Slavin,

Hallandale Beach