Letters to the Editor

Water supply damage

Re the June 22 story Florida gives FPL 10 years to clean up cooling canals: I am saddened that FPL has been given 10 years to clean up the saltwater plume it created in its cooling canals. Keeping our drinking water safe is clearly not high on the state Department of Environmental Protection’s list of concerns.

Worse is the fact that we are leaving it to FPL and its engineers to provide data and evidence that the plumes are retreating. This is the same FPL that knew it had a problem with salinity levels for years, applying remedies its own engineers warned would worsen the plume.

The only success FPL has had in dealing with the saltwater intrusion was to fend off regulators with campaign contributions. Instead of cutting checks to political campaigns, a check should be made out for $250 million to the FPL customers footing the bill for the five years minimum the cleanup will require.

The state should have forced FPL to install cooling towers and not give it 10 years to continue damaging our water supply.

Wilfred Lara, Miami