Letters to the Editor

Floridians support the Clean Power Plan

Citing public opinion numbers, a May 17 letter, Floridians support the Clean Power Plan, argued that Attorney General Pam Bondi must stand with Florida voters and support the Clean Power Plan despite her reservations.

Bondi is right to oppose the Clean Power Plan in Florida, and her doubters should look more closely at the plan’s effects and underlying symbolism.

In Florida, the plan is expected to raise electricity prices by an average of 11 percent annually, endangering those who live on fixed incomes.

Florida has the largest and second-largest senior-populated counties in the nation. It also has one of the highest African-American and Hispanic populations in the country.

One report found that the plan would eliminate about 45,000 African-American jobs in Florida by 2025, and 60,000 over the same time period for Hispanics.

And at their core, the issues around the Clean Power Plan are fundamental. The plan represents an egregious and unprecedented overreach of authority by the federal government: a forced overhaul of the entire United States electrical power industry.

If allowed to go through, this plan would set a dangerous precedent, and it is clear that Bondi is wary of allowing Floridians to be subjected to federal bullying.

Furthermore, the unprecedented scale of the plan was made quite clear by the Supreme Court’s Feb. 9 decision to rule a stay on it. Prior to the CPP, this had never happened before.

The precedent that the CPP sets is a step toward enabling the federal government to dictate policy in our state.

In practice, it would hurt Floridians.

As attorney general of Florida, it is Bondi’s job to make sure that our integrity is preserved.

She is doing just that.

Gerry Scimeca, communications director,

60 Plus Association,

Alexandria, Va.