Letters to the Editor

Here’s a gun control solution

The incessant political bickering over gun control vs. Second Amendment rights is keeping the country from focusing on the real issues of eliminating terrorism and identifying and dealing with those that have dangerous mental health problems.

The hot-button issue is in the forefront again following the mass shooting in Orlando and the killer’s use of a semi-automatic rifle.

Implementing the following actions would only require modest compromises on both sides and would enable the country to unite and move forward together to find solutions to the real issues.

A. Close the gun show background check loophole.

▪ Prohibit anyone from purchasing a gun who is on the terrorist or no-fly list, or who is under active investigation for possible terrorism by the FBI.

▪ Prohibit the sale of any gun that is capable of being modified to be anything but single shot/semi-automatic and eliminate the sale of magazine clips that hold more than 15 bullets.

B. Eliminate all gun-free zones everywhere and allow anyone over 20 who has a concealed gun permit, including training, to carry a gun anywhere for their own protection and those around them. Anywhere — no exceptions.

Any public or private establishment, building or venue can choose to be exempt, if it provides manned metal detectors and armed security personnel in proportion to the number of attendees, based on regulations that set the ratios for various types of establishments, buildings and venues.

These steps will appease all the gun control advocates except for those that want total elimination of guns. It also will protect the Second Amendment from being under further constant assault and greatly improve the safety of the general public.

More important, it should stop the non-productive bickering and enable the country to focus on the real issues.

R. Brian Fifer,