Letters to the Editor

Pam Bondi pay off?

Pam Bondi is acting like the schoolyard bully that she really is, as she whines to right-wing media friends about CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

For years, Bondi has demonized gays — as a threat and harmful to American life — as she squandered Florida taxpayers’ money so she could fight gays every step of the way to the Supreme Court on marriage equality.

Bondi’s bigotry and prejudice were further apparent in her replies to Cooper.

She kept resisting suggestions that the Orlando massacre was a hate crime by saying it was a crime against all humans. She’s tone deaf, because this was a hate crime against gay people by a closeted gay man full of self-hatred. He justified killing gays by hiding behind the veil of ISIS.

She also is willfully ignorant of her quid pro quo with Donald Trump after he gave her $25,000 then she refused to pursue state actions against Trump University.

Bondi is a national embarrassment.

Michael Blake, Miami