Letters to the Editor

Better officiating

I am sorely disappointed in the College World Series officiating.

It seems the umpires have decided who should win, and they call pitches/rulings accordingly.

Balls that are clearly way outside the strike zone (as delineated by “the box”) are called strikes against some teams, but not others. In the top of the fourth inning of the contest between the University of Florida and Coastal Carolina, a fair ball was called foul.

Although the call was finally reversed, Coastal Carolina was cheated out of at least one run. There is no way that at least two runs would not have scored, and possibly the batter, who would have at least made it to third base.

Even though I want Florida to win, I don’t want the game to be unfair. The College World Series should have much better officiating than I have seen thus far.

Nanci Mitchell, Miami