Letters to the Editor

Trump was wrong

I do not believe Donald Trump hates anyone or any group.

I do believe that he is a proud New York street fighter that will do whatever it takes, say whatever he has to, to win.

This is all right in business and in war, but in times of prosperity, not so much.

Trump has raised the specter of hate while trying to win a lawsuit and get more publicity.

This is where we all should draw the line. This has happened before in recent history, where judges were removed because of their ethnic backgrounds.

I hope we all remember the consequences.

Trump doesn’t want that to happen, however, I fear that his rhetoric will plant the seeds that will nourish that type of abhorrent behavior.

With the whole world watching, with more money than he can ever spend and more power than anyone should possess, Trump should do the right thing: admit that he was wrong and say why he still believes in the greatest jurisprudence system on the planet.

If he does that, he might get elected president.

Jonathan Salit,

Pembroke Pines