Letters to the Editor

Trump isn’t Hitler

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I was disgusted by Leonard Pitts’ June 19 column comparing Donald Trump to the evil Adolf Hitler.

Can we please get one thing straight: No one is Hitler except for Hitler. Comparisons of those who we disagree with politically to Hitler or the Nazis is not only lazy, but contemptible.

I could go on about how low and crass such comparisons are, but instead I will let Pitts’ own words from his Oct. 16, 2013 column, War of words, wherein he vilified Dr. Ben Carson for comparing modern legislation to slavery, speak directly about how terrible his article truly is: “Worse, it trivializes one of the great sins of the last millennium, urinates on the unmarked graves of ancestors for a cheap rhetorical stunt.

“As such, the statement is beneath contempt.”

Dan Oppenheimer,

Miami Lakes