Letters to the Editor

Avoid a ‘black era’ with Trump

Re the June 14 article The Latest: Trump yanks Washington Post credentials: Coming from a very unique background — Hispanic and Jewish but also a United States citizen — I believe I have a duty to all people to remind them about our history and avoid committing the same mistakes that have ended the lives of many people, destroyed families and ruined the economy of countries.

Yes, it may sound harsh, butwhen I read about the decision of Donald Trump to revoke the credentials of a prestigious news publication, it really got to me that I needed to be heard.

If we go back in time to the 1930’s, this was exactly how Adolf Hitler started.

He abolished and discriminated against anyone who spoke negatively about his ideals and his vision of the perfect race and world. So many people have asked, why didn’t we do something or how did we let it get that far.

We now see the same pattern emerging.

Hugo Chavez has successfully managed to close all independent media that is not controlled by him, and many other Latin American countries have followed their example. Venezuela is another sad story of a country that once had power, oil and a thriving economy. Now people don’t even have the basic commodities that a human being needs.

Hitler and Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro, are vivid real examples, documented extensively, of how three leaders — intelligent, bright and charismatic — have turned great countries into shameful examples of tyranny.

It took Nazi Germany a whole generation to come back from the “black era” in which the cruel and oppressive government ruled.

We hope it will only take one generation to turn Venezuela into the respected, rich and powerful country it once was.

Do we want to lose a whole generation and go through a black era with Trump?

Gladys Mezrahi, Aventura