Letters to the Editor

Metromover attack

Metromover has very little security. I have multiple sclerosis and am disabled. One night, at the end of April, I was returning home from a multiple-sclerosis conference, and the last leg of my trip required a ride to the Omni Metromover stop. While riding that night, I noticed some high school-age kids on the train.

The next thing I realized was that it was a few days later. I had been treated for a laceration under my right eye and had a black eye on my left. More significant, I was knocked out and didn’t know I was in Jackson Memorial Hospital. There was no security on the train. I’m a Miami-Dade resident and pay taxes, but I guess my tax dollars were not used for my protection on the Metromover.

I wrote both U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson and Gov. Rick Scott, but they have not responded yet. I know there are other important things happening in Florida right now, but this is important to me and the disabled people who ride public transportation.

Reino Starks, Miami