Letters to the Editor

Join in: Help ban assault weapons

A call to action to ban assault weapons. You can help.

The time is ripe for a massive, nationwide, grassroots demonstration of public demand for a federal ban on assault and automatic weapons. People all over the country are outraged after the recent massacre in Orlando.

But that won’t last. Americans have shown a remarkable capacity to quickly forget even such horrendous acts of violence as the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy, where 20 young children and six teachers were killed.

The vast majority of such mass shootings in the last three decades involved assault weapons and semiautomatic handguns, three-fourths of which were legally obtained.

To help prevent future shootings like the one in Orlando, we propose that next Wednesday, June 22, millions of Americans demand a ban on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons, similar to the one that expired in 2004. How? By turning on the flashing lights of their vehiclesfor one minute at noon on the East Coast and by promoting a social media counterpart of this call to action, thus assuring it goes viral.

The goal is to show massive, nationwide public demand for an end to the bloodshed caused, in many instances, by the easy availability of assault weapons. Let’s turn June 22 into a street poll of unprecedented proportions.

Let our elected officials see the lights and feel the pressure from millions of people. The event should be promoted as “A Million Lights for the Ban,” or simply “A Million Lights.”

Those on foot or in their work places can wear something yellow on that day.

You can help make our streets, schools, work and entertainment centers safer. Spread the word about “A Million Lights.” Use your contacts, and recruit key individuals with huge followings on social media.

Silence is no longer an option.

Alvaro Gutierrez,