Letters to the Editor

My brother, my hero

I’m writing this to honor my brother George McKinney Jr. on Father’s Day. I nicknamed him “Baby” when he was born, and he’s still affectionately called that to this day.

George was very athletic and comical growing up. Yet he was very serious about his sisters. He was the quarterback for Miami High and earned a college scholarship, but his high school sweetheart became pregnant so being the responsible and family-oriented man he was raised to be, he went into the workforce to help support his beautiful daughter, Anqunetta McKinney, who is now a teacher.

Our family was stricken with kidney problems, and unfortunately George wasn’t spared from this disease. Through his three-times-a-week, seven-hour dialysis treatments he still manages to coach for the Overtown Optimist Football Club, and be a great support to his family and younger brother’s widow and two daughters.

Because of George’s heart complications, he was removed from the kidney transplant list because doctor’s felt it would be too big of a risk. But through it all, my brother still strives to make the best of it with his great sense of humor and infectious smile. I’d like to let my brother know how much he’s appreciated and valued by our family. He’s one in a million.

Joyce McGill, Miami