Letters to the Editor

Straight and gay

The June 12 story Miami Beach vigil: ‘Today we are all part of the LGBT community,’ noticeably omitted any mention that straight people were also at the vigil in the wake of the Pulse massacre. There were, in fact, straight people there, including my wife and I.

This horrible attack, and others like it, should be seen as an attack on everyone in America. Yes, gay people were targeted because of who they are, but the impact obviously goes much further.

It includes all of us with gay friends, relatives or colleagues. And it includes all of us who value diversity, self-expression and freedom of expression, and who hate bigotry and intolerance and the violence that flows from them, whether perpetrated by radical Islamists, gay-haters or other evil-doers.

We must take smart and coordinated action that encompasses all aspects of this multifaceted problem, including radical Islamic-inspired terrorism here and abroad, lax gun laws and inadequate mental-health treatment all while preserving our civil liberties and free society.

These are complicated issues. Don’t trust anyone with what seems like a simple solution.

Jim Tolpin,

Coral Gables