Letters to the Editor

Foster respect

Once again, we find ourselves in pain and shock at another horrific result of hatred and violence. This has become all too frequent in our nation.

This time, it was in our own state of Florida.

Our hearts grieve with all of those who are directly affected by the tragedy in Orlando. At the same time, we sadly recognize that all of us are profoundly touched by such events.

We are reminded that our great nation still struggles with the diversity and the blessings of freedom that have been our strength.

The work of organizations such as ours, MCCJ, the Miami Conference of Christians and Jew, and people of good will everywhere become more important in light of these tragic events.

We recommit ourselves to doing all in our power to work with others to build greater understanding and foster mutual respect among all who live in our community.

Sherry Tropin,

chair, MCCJ board of directors, Miami