Letters to the Editor

Sports showcase sponsors dwindling

The departure of the World Golf Championship from Doral is a serious blow to the local community. The beneficiaries included numerous charities and the area's image.

Now we are victims of the loss of a great event and it appears that our major international tennis tournament will follow. And the irreplaceable exposure that produces millions of dollars in tourism business is gone.

For Mayor Carlos Gimenez to claim he was blindsided by a phone call on the Friday before the Monday announcement informing him that Cadillac was not meeting the sponsorship cost and the PGA was heading for greener fairways is absurd. It was common knowledge. Cadillac had informed Doral brass that it was pulling out well over a year ago.

In bygone years there was a strong corporate base in Miami-Dade County, be it a Ryder or Eastern Airlines to step up as a sponsor. For that matter, the Kaskels, the resort's original owners, paid the tab at one time.

Donald Trump has invested $250 million into improving the property. Did anyone think to ask him to drop another $14 million a year to keep this great showcase opportunity.

What has happened to that used-to-be corporate base? Is it all tied to real estate development? What has the Beacon Council and the Chamber of Commerce been doing?

Perhaps that accounts for the lack of season ticket sales for baseball or naming rights not being sold for its stadium. How are the naming rights going for the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie?

Local politicos taking bows for bringing a Super Bowl here is a joke. It's coming to reward the Dolphins owner for his $500 million investment in his stadium. Now this lack of foresight in Miami-Dade County leadership is about to take us out of major league tennis and jeopardizes the arrival of major league soccer.

This is simply bush league.

Hank Goldberg, Aventura