Letters to the Editor

Orlando massacre and assault weapons

Let’s stop the massacres and get real about guns in America. No one is going to ban gun ownership in America so to the NRA and gun advocates can we please have a rational discussion?

Between 1994 and 2004 it was illegal to own an assault weapon in the USA. That ban was not found to be illegal rather the law had a ten year sunset provision. Instead, the NRA threw enough money around Congress to insure it was not renewed.

Simply put, then and now, there is no constitutional right to own a semi-automatic assault weapon. To those who say only criminals and nuts commit mass shootings, should we throw up our hands up, do nothing and wait for the next slaughter?

To those who say assault weapons have a legitimate use in hunting, really? Please tell me what is the sport in shooting 40 to 60 rounds a minute in a forest? To our elected officials, please show some courage, stop the insanity and break free from the chains of the NRA.

Mark Neuberger, Weston

After Elizabeth Warren’s speech last week, this campaign turned from horror show into a fun house. Let’s follow Warren’s direction and make sure this insanity ends once and for all. We will get, in the words of Thomas Friedman, a GNP — Grand New Party.

Jeff Haller,

Cutler Bay