Letters to the Editor

Shame on Councilman Tim Schaffer

It was shameful the way Councilman Tim Schaffer behaved at the June 6 Palmetto Bay Council meeting when he screamed and told Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham to “shut up.”

The residents in the audience were appalled at this behavior, but what made it worse was the mayor’s attitude toward this lack of respect by Schaffer.

The mayor should have asked the police to remove Schaffer from the dais for breaking the rules of decorum that are recited at the beginning of each council meeting.

Mayor Eugene Flinn’s actions were clear. He did not remove Schaffer because he needed his vote on a controversial issue on which many residents were opposing the mayor’s position.

Shame on Schaffer for this outrageously rude outburst, and shame on the mayor for not enforcing the rules.

Beatriz Herrmann,

Palmetto Bay