Letters to the Editor

Attack at gay club

The perpetrator of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting was well organized.

The target was a place where people who engaged in behavior condemned by a traditional, strict reading of the Quran gathered. The time of the attack was precisely selected to allow easy entry. The perpetrator was a Muslim.

It does not take an expert to see that this is an example of radical fundamentalist Muslim terrorism. And it is no surprise. It was bound to happen. As of 2014, there were still ten countries where homosexuality was punishable by death.

In all ten countries, the dominant religion is Islam.

The perpetrator could have done the same thing without any guns by just using a suicide vest bomb or some other type of bomb.

I think that it is safe to assume that we will see more of this type of event — much more until we wake up and use Israeli type profiling to locate potential perpetrators.

And even that will not be fool proof. But it will be better than what we are doing now.

Robert E. Panoff,