Letters to the Editor

Reject marina

We have entrusted city of Miami commissioners with the care of our waterfront land. They are expected to protect it for public benefit. That said, Dade Heritage Trust recommends that the commission reject the request for proposal for a marina adjacent to and into the Miami Marine Stadium and that the effort be started all over again:

▪ The RFP violates the Virginia Key Master Plan, which was unanimously approved by the City Commission in 2010.

▪ The RFP was not vetted by the Virginia Key Task Force, which was authorized by the commission to oversee and advise on activity on Virginia Key. The RFP was issued before the task force was in place and should not have been sent out without its approval.

▪ The RFP calls for marina construction within the historically designated basin, which has not been approved by the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board.

▪ Such construction will severely limit the activities that can take place at the Marine Stadium, making it difficult to operate a self-sustaining venue.

▪ The proposed marina will cost the Marine Stadium $6 million in tax credits that are available for sites on the National Register of Historic Places or eligible for the National Register.

The city attorney has advised that the commission has the authority to reject the proposals and reissue the RFP.

Dade Heritage Trust strongly recommends such action to protect the stadium, one of Miami’s most significant landmarks.

Christine Rupp, executive director, Dade Heritage Trust, Miami