Letters to the Editor

Create the 51st state of South Florida?

Re Modesto A. Maidique and Brian Peterson’s May 29 opinion piece, ‘Complacent Legislature’ is stifling FIU’s progress, about the state’s treatment of South Florida’s prestigious Florida International University: One can at first blame the weakness of Miami-Dade County’s legislative delegation, mainly because it is dominated by members of the Republican Party.

The Florida Legislature is in the control of the Republican Party, which begs the question: What are they negotiating away to get so little back in return that is really important to South Florida considering the large amount of tax dollars that the region sends to Tallahassee?

A review of the Miami Herald’s news stories over the past few months will reveal story after story of South Florida being given the short-end of Florida’s budget.


Our state road system, lack of state police, climate change, toll roads, water, Everglades, support of our health system, the denying of federal support of Medicaid, funding for the homeless, commuter rail and just about everything else.

We have state roads in Miami-Dade that are of the same width as they were when I arrived here in 1959.

When an objective reader looks at the facts, it is obvious that South Florida is being cheated of its destiny and quality of life as long as it remains part of the state of Florida.

I challenge our South Florida universities to set up a joint study group to look at this issue from the view of what form of governance would work better for South Florida — continue in the existing state of Florida or start the Constitutional process to establish a 51st state of South Florida?

When the facts are known, I believe the question will be: At what part of the state do we make the new state line?

Richard G. Mason,

Miami Shores