Letters to the Editor

Never Hillary

I’ve joined the “Never Trump Except” movement. As difficult as it will be to vote for Trump, we realize that if we don’t, we’ll be helping the Democrats keep the White House. That means, among many other issues, continuing their encouragement of illegal immigrants to break our laws and supporting sanctuary cities.

They’ve empowered the children of illegal immigrants to side against American law, ignoring their parents’ role in their situation. They not only protest against Donald Trump, they also attempt to bully him with violent actions into canceling rallies.

A vote against Trump serves the Democrats’ hijacking of the illegal-immigrant narrative by claiming we, who support our right to a secure, controlled border, are anti-immigrant and racist. They deceptively make this about hard-working families being torn apart, ignoring basic truths that it’s about national sovereignty. We do welcome legal immigrants and the choices families make to remain behind, which is their option.

This is just one reason why I will vote against Hillary Clinton, even if it means I have to vote for Trump.

Frank Lujan, Miami