Letters to the Editor

Failed missions

The Florida Public Service Commission and the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission have failed in their stated missions to protect citizens and the environment.

The PSC commissioners forgot the part of their mission that relates to ensuring fair prices when they ignored their own staff’s recommendation and allowed FPL to charge customers $75 million in order to conduct speculative natural-gas fracking activities.

The PSC has an annual operating budget of almost $26 million, employing a number of attorneys, but the Florida Supreme Court still ruled that the PSC exceeded its authority.

The NRC was just rebuked by its own Atomic Safety and Licensing Board for using outdated environmental assessment data to allow FPL to increase the temperature of the Turkey Point cooling canals, which has resulted in drastic salinity increases that threaten the ecosystem of Biscayne Bay and local wells.

The NRC and the PSC should rewrite their mission statements to include “and allow FPL to do whatever it wants. Then they wouldn’t appear incompetent, and their true constituency would be apparent.

Barbara Byrne,