Letters to the Editor

Driving options

I’m pleased to see that the Herald is taking on the problem that almost every one of us shares in this county: the tangled mess we call traffic. The population isn’t going to shrink, so we need options to driving.

Every car that can be taken off the road improves things for those who still need to use theirs and would benefit everyone. Many might not let go of their driving, but there are many of us who would happily do so.

We went down the wrong path when we built everything to be car-focused, and now we are paying the price.

My neighborhood has no sidewalks or bike lanes. It’s dangerous to walk a few blocks to school. But it’s not just me and my neighborhood. The entire county is stuck inside cars.

We need alternatives to the traffic nightmares: more pedestrian-friendly, bicycle-friendly roadways; more rail extensions to places people need to go.

But transportation agencies spend our money on widening lanes, making the expressways even more dangerous. That’s not what we need anymore.

Marta Magellan,