Letters to the Editor

Trump Doral’s loss

It was a shame to lose the World Golf Championship, purportedly over $6 million — and to Mexico City at that.

Why wouldn’t Donald Trump ante up the $6 million difference to keep the tournament?

He would recover that in a minute.

Or was he not given the opportunity to sponsor the tournament himself?

Going to Mexico City is the antithesis of the Doral tournament of sun, glamour, clean air and large international crowds. I can’t imagine any player in the tournament preferring to go to Mexico City instead, with its altitude of 7,500 feet, polluted air, crime and traffic worse than the worst in Miami. Nothing against Mexico City as a cosmopolitan metropolis, but it is not an ideal venue for a major golf tournament.

Something more should have been done by the county, the city of Doral and Trump himself.

H.E. Navarrete,