Letters to the Editor

Illegal immigration

Eliminating the wet foot/dry foot policy is good for our country.

Even though the United States issues 20,000 immigrant visas yearly to Cuban nationals to legally immigrate to the United States, the wet foot/dry foot policy invites illegal immigration.

Here are the problems:

▪ Cubans risk their lives on make-shift rafts or pay up to $10,000 to be smuggled into the U.S.

▪ Post 9-11, none of these illegal immigrants go through the screening process that legal migrants from Cuba go through — no FBI background check has or will be done. So if I wanted to do harm to the United States, would I wait for the legal background check at the U.S. Interests Section?

▪ Some migrants come and set up illegal businesses, make some money and return to Cuba. Some come ready to defraud Medicare.

After one year and one day they get permanent residency and return to Cuba to visit family. Let’s be clear, these are not political refugees.

Vivian Mannerud,

Fort Lauderdale