Letters to the Editor

Oil pipeline to China

I have worked in construction since 1961 in Florida, California, Ohio and New York through every cycle of the economy and have never seen a boom in hiring other than during the insane high-rise boom that put the Third World to work.

Basically, the contractors that had the men in a particular locale got the work.

Strip the so-called jobs argument from the Keystone pipeline discussion, and you are left with a meaningless project. The only ones that will profit from it are the Canadian oil companies. Is there anyone still clinging to the notion that this will have any effect on our domestic production or affect what we pay at the pump? If you do, you have bought the narrative hook, line and sinker — or you just oppose President Obama. The shale oil that will be pumped is going to refineries in Louisiana then shipped to China, plain and simple.

There has to be a reason that Canada isn’t welcoming the project to go to one of their West Coast ports where it could be then be shipped out, either refined or unrefined, at a much lower cost.

Herb Schneider, Miami Shores