Letters to the Editor

Bike the M-Path ride

It was with great interest that I read the Jan. 25 article Advocates: Time to build Metrorail path. I’ve been going to work by bicycle for almost a year using the M-Path from the South Miami station to the Coconut Grove station on my way to Miami Dade College’s InterAmerican Campus.

I agree that the path could be greatly improved, but the article says that most street crossings today aren’t safe. That hasn’t been my experience.

The most challenging street crossing is where LeJeune Road, Grand Avenue and Ponce de Leon Boulevard all meet. But once one gets acquainted with the traffic pattern (and has a lot of patience), it’s not that difficult to cross safely.

It is my hope that more riders will use the M-Path, but I worry that the article might discourage people from trying it. As a professor of philosophy, teaching courses on the ethics of global sustainability, I felt it was important for me to practice what I preach.

I admit I was nervous riding my bike to campus at first, but it is a great ride!

I can get to school by bike in 40 minutes, compared to 30 minutes by car. During rush hour, the bike is actually faster than going by car.

I encourage anyone who commutes along the M-Path to give it a try.

Albert W. Lenel, InterAmerican Campus/Miami Dade College,