Letters to the Editor

FAMU needs ‘consistent leadership’

As president of the National Alumni Association of Florida A&M University, I urge the formal appointment of the current interim FAMU Board of Trustees chair and former Vice Chair Kelvin Lawson.

The Board of Trustees is appointed to serve as the governing body of the university and is charged with policy making and with the selection, retention and replacement of the president, whose role is solely to manage day-to-day university operations and serve as the corporate secretary to the board.

Lawson has demonstrated understanding of this role and, as the longest-serving member of the current board, has a record of accountable leadership in the face of significant adversity.

He is a steady, methodical leader who is gifted with the ability to make rational, fair decisions.

I believe that he will be the chair who can finally achieve progress regarding the president’s evaluation.

It is time that we have a board chair who understands the duties attached to the role and who behaves in a manner consistent with these responsibilities.

The Board of Trustees has been constantly challenged, and turnover in leadership comes with many costs to the entire university community, including our reputation.

We do not need a third chair in three years.

Lawson, a FAMU alumnus, has the institutional knowledge of the past and the energy and temperament to see these serious matters through while keeping what is best for the university as his compass.

The Board of Trustees needs consistent leadership that serves FAMU’s best interest.

I believe that opportunity best lies within the strengths of Kelvin Lawson.

I urge his appointment and encourage alumni and citizens who care about higher education to support him as well.

Gregory L. Clark, president, Florida A&M University National Alumni Association, Birmingham, AL