Letters to the Editor

Thank you to the Donut Dollies

I had to respond to Susan Bauernfeind Russell’s May 30 letter, Memorial Day lessons from Vietnam:

In July 1969, I was with the 4th Infantry Division on a little hilltop called LZ Bullet in the An Khe valley in the Republic of South Vietnam.

One evening, as it was getting dark, we were attacked, and they started coming though the wire. We fought with everything we had and were able to repel the attack.

Daytime finally came, and we saw the choppers coming to our location. We thought it was only resupply, but getting off one of the Huey’s were four Red Cross Ladies — Donut Dollies!

They brought us writing materials to send letters home, little games, candy and lifted our spirits with smiles and warm greetings. They were the bravest women I ever met, and I still talk about them to this very day.

Welcome home, Susan, and all the Red Cross Lady volunteers I met during my tour in Vietnam.

James R. Bywalec,

Commander, PLAV Post 158,