Letters to the Editor

Unkept transit plan

In 2002, Miami-Dade voters approved the half-penny transportation surtax. But 14 years later, the People's Transportation Plan (PTP) has, for the most part, created a deficit of trust in our community.

In 2005, Miami-Dade residents were promised that the PTP would fund the synchronization of all traffic signals. Eleven years later, and there is no real-time video surveillance of signalized intersections, and side-street delays have increased.

My community, Miami Lakes, will be paying for a Bluetooth-based traffic-light synchronization system for our major corridors.

This should have already been funded and completed with the half-penny surtax, but our residents cannot afford to wait any longer for traffic congestion relief.

When we hear of new plans or the creation of new revenue streams, the trust deficit continues to grow. So how do we fix it?

In order to regain the public’s confidence and move forward, the original PTP promises must be kept.

Manny Cid, Miami Lakes