Letters to the Editor

Media coverage

I am a 95-year-old veteran and a political wonk who dearly loves our American democracy. But the news media are destroying our country by indulging in inflammatory rhetoric rather than objectively reporting the news.

An egregious example is the fact that 180 Marines were killed under President Ronald Reagan, yet not a word was printed against him or his secretary of State.

Under a GOP administration, Colin Powell used emails the same way that Hillary Clinton did and not a negative word was written.

Where was the outrage then that we see against Clinton now?

For eight years, President Obama has been begging Congress to develop an infrastructure plan for critically needed improvements and to create jobs; but GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell has stated that as long as Obama is in the White House, Congress will pass no Obama-backed legislation.

Now Trump talks about an infrastructure program, and the media are praising him to high heaven. What a joke! Congressional Democrats are spineless, and the Republicans are despicable. Who runs Congress? The elected officials or the media?

Larry Kroll,

Fort Lauderdale