Letters to the Editor

A raise for teachers

Re Mayade Ersoff’s June 1 letter, Teacher raises: I would like to offer some clarification regarding the tentative agreement reached between Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the United Teachers of Dade.

The letter claims that raises were only given to a limited number of teachers rated “effective” and “highly effective.”

This agreement provides raises to all teachers. The reference to raises being tied to evaluations relates to 8 percent of our teaching force and is required by state law. All other teachers are considered to be on the grandfathered salary schedule and will receive a raise that is not contingent on evaluation results.

As district leaders we must recognize, value and consistently highlight the outstanding educators who teach our children each day. They are responsible for the unprecedented gains our students have made and they are the group that is shaping the future of our community.

Although the state allocated an increase of 1 percent in overall funding, as a school district we are dedicating three times that amount in raises for our teachers.

Jose L. Dotres, chief human capital officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools,