Letters to the Editor

Transgender baths

Thank you, Leonard Pitts, for clarifying a silly fear that I have also been attempting to express. Most women, and certainly preteen and teen girls, are not exhibitionists in showers or the ladies’ room.

A transgender person does not want to advertise the genitals that he/she does not identify with and so would take steps to not show them.

This would not be a problem in a women’s shower/ladies’ room.

The challenge would be in men’s showers, but as John from Butte wrote, transgender people have figured out how to do that safely and carefully, too. I find it interesting how the outcry is just about girls and women being exposed to a penis, but not about boys and men being exposed to “lady parts.”

In the ladies’ shower it is considered a threat and in the men’s shower it is an opportunity. Interesting difference, isn’t it?

Any nontransgender man attempting to use the ladies’ room or shower disguised as a woman for nefarious purposes would be instantly identifiable. Let’s worry about the real sexual predators and child molesters.

Sunny McLean,

Coconut Grove