Letters to the Editor

Stolen signs

An alarming trend is happening with the “No Incorporation” signs in the proposed incorporation area in northeast Miami-Dade.

The signs are being stolen and vandalized, including the wire that holds the signs in place. This has been going on for two years.

Just recently, there was a sign on private property at the entrance to the Sky Lake neighborhood off Miami Gardens Drive and Northeast 19th Ave. It was the second sign placed on this property.

The fence door was kicked in, the sign twisted off and the owner had to repair the fence. To top it off, his car window also was broken.

This is nothing but a sad reminder of the 2005 campaign. I saw the same behavior of torn signs, threats and intimidation. All of this has been reported to the police, and a watch is in place. Vandalism is escalating, what next?

Brian Rook, Miami