Letters to the Editor

Father Corces

Re Ana Veciana-Suarez’s May 27 article, Amid ‘slanderous gossip,’ pastor at St. Rose in Miami Shores asked to resign: I have known Father Pedro Corces of St. Rosa of Lima since 1987 when he was a seminarian. We have shared many years of friendship. I was present at his ordination and first mass, and have followed his ministry throughout the years. I have traveled with him on missionary trips to Villa El Salvador, Peru and have seen him in his priestly ministry to the poorest of the poor.

He is generous and caring, practicing what Pope Francis encourages all Christians to do. He embodies mercy.

The Father Corces presented in the article is nothing like the man I know. He is an excellent priest, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, who has a deep love for the poor, the excluded and the sick. He is always willing to help whoever comes to him in need.

Cristefidelis’ sole mission is to attack and destroy anyone who puts into practice the changes instituted after the Vatican II Council.

There is a multitude of parishioners from all the parishes he has served in this Archdiocese who support Father Corces and can testify to his moral character.

Silvia Muñoz,

Miami Shores