Letters to the Editor

The arts inspire

Re: May 17 letter No to arts funding: The most livable and successful U.S. cities recognize that inclusivity in the arts is crucial. Our county government, through the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs, is committed to a better Miami through arts accessibility in every neighborhood.

It invests in the future of Miami-Dade through direct funding of youth arts programs, creating paths to success and new opportunities for our children.

The Thomas Armour Youth Ballet has been able to help thousands of children gain access to a college education by delivering quality arts education programs across the county. Funding for this program and many similar youth programs are funded, in large part, by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Indeed we have seen many of these students graduate from high school, college and even graduate school and return to Miami as teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, lawyers and engineers.

In a committed community with vision for all, the arts extend far beyond the walls of the concert hall, and positively impact every citizen.

I firmly believe that Miami has the commitment and the vision.

Ruth Wiesen, director, Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, Miami