Letters to the Editor

Hillary is no liar

Although I usually agree with Carl Hiaasen’s opinions, I dispute his comparison of lying by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in his May 29 column, Vote comes down to Liar vs. Liar.

Trump has lived a whole lifetime of lying in the broader sense of his failed marriages, his four bankrupted companies, his shuttered university that left hundreds of students stranded, cutthroat business deals and now dismissive put-downs of Mexicans, women, Muslims and Bernie Sanders, as well as Clinton. Trump’s campaign motto should be: “Make Me Great Again.”

Clinton has one major lie, to use Hiaasen’s definition: her use of a personal email server while secretary of State. This lie is similar to what former secretaries of State have done. For this transgression, she has apologized. The rest of her professional life has been devoted to admirable government service.

Could it be, as it often is, that a woman makes one mistake and is doomed, while a man makes a lifetime of mistakes and is cheered on?

Martha Ardren,

Florida City