Letters to the Editor

Iran plan

Re the May 21 article Group that helped sell Iran nuke deal also funded media: Bradley Klapper claims Ploughshares Fund is a “surrogate” of the Obama administration in “selling the Iran nuclear deal.” This is not true.

Ploughshares Fund is a nonpartisan public foundation dedicated to reducing nuclear threats. Our work on Iran was grounded in years of rigorous technical research. We supported negotiations to stop Iran from getting a bomb long before President Obama took office.

We supported a network of respected experts — many of whom spent decades in the service of this nation — that helped stop an Iranian bomb without starting another war.

Klapper insinuates that our $100,000 grant to National Public Radio, a $300 million organization, in some way gives us editorial control over the outcome of its reporting. This is pure fiction.We remain steadfast in our support of this historic agreement. It cuts off Iran’s paths to a nuclear bomb. America is safer for it. Israel is safer. The world is safer.

Joe Cirincione, president,

Ploughshares Fund,

Washington, D.C.