Letters to the Editor

Voter intimidation

I’m appalled at the violent riots being staged against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

From the news coverage, it looks like it’s occurring in another country. We are in the United States of America, where no one can intimidate us out of voting. I left Cuba at age 5. I’m now 58. We left because of Fidel Castro’s communist government and we were stripped of all of our belongings, not to mention our home.

I went to pre-kindergarten here and never returned to Cuba, since that horrible government is still in power.

But my right to vote and to state for whom I will vote should not be silenced because others do not agree with me.

Bernie Sanders, to my dismay, a socialist, is also running for president, and we do not see groups of people rioting against his quest.

I’m for Donald Trump. He will make a great president. But I have felt intimidated and bullied in expressing my opinion. I hope people will calm down.

Laura Suarez, Miami