Letters to the Editor

Urban weekend

I got stuck in the police occupation of Miami Beach last weekend. Whether or not it is intentional, this policing is racist.

Of course, there are citizens cheering on the harsh policing — there are always people who would be happy if you just killed all those “interlopers,” but America’s trend is toward inclusion, not exclusion.

There are problems with any large group of young people. The police need a visible presence to put the crowd on notice. But does closing all the east-west streets from Fifth to 17th streets and two-thirds of I-395 and I-195 really create safety?

For years I have ridden my bike among the Urban Weekend crowd — they’re dressed to the nines and probably better behaved than any other group.

Miami Beach needs a new Urban Weekend story — one of a well behaved crowd having a great time. This will do more for us than scaring the bejeebies out of everyone with our police.

Terry Lowman,

Miami Beach