Letters to the Editor

Oil drilling

People who, for whatever reason, love the greater Everglades ecosystem and don’t want their hearts broken, take note.

The federal government has, with no environmental impact statement, granted permission to an oil company to do exploratory drilling in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Though the permit allows the construction of over 100 miles of new roadways for the 62-ton trucks that will crisscross over 70,000 acres looking for oil, the government contends this will not “significantly harm the land.”

If this doesn’t constitute significant harm, one wonders what would.

Why would the federal government grant a permit to explore the possibility of finding oil unless it was also willing to grant a permit to actually drill for the oil?

If granting this permit strikes you as wrong, you might like to sign the following petition:


You might also like to check out: southfloridawild.org

Tom Southern,