Letters to the Editor

Improve transit

There is much talk about transit today as traffic continues to increase, development continues at record pace, and no new transit is currently being built.

The fact is the same elected officials who are complaining about the “lack of planning, no new transit, and too many studies” are the same officials serving as MPO Board members who approved the 20-year Long Range Transportation Plan and 5-year Capital Improvement Plan with no mention in either document about Metrorail or Metromover expansions.

As they complain that the state will not allow Tax Increment Financing, downtown already has two Community Redevelopment Agencies, a Downtown Development Authority, and new development that pays millions in county impact fees. They must stop whining and actually do something with what they have.

Allocate county impact fees generated in downtown to downtown transit. The CRA board members could send millions to transit downtown tomorrow with the stroke of a pen. It’s a choice to be made.

Alexander Adams,

Coral Gables