Letters to the Editor

Thank you, veterans

Each year, days are set aside to encouage Americans to remember the high cost of freedom.

Veterans and their families remember this day often. Veterans who passed on because of wounds received in other countries, as well as those who are here, all veterans should be recognized.

As with many past hostilities that took Americans and their allies to distant shores, we see peace, ultimately, as the resolution. For example, we see commerce with and visits to Vietnam, when in the 1960s and 1970s there was death, and destruction. Now there is constant rebuilding. I respect President Obama for his visit to Vietnam and his identification of peace.

I remember my days in Vietnam and wanting and needing peace. I remember my father, who was a POW in the Philippines in World War II and my uncles in the same war.

I give my thanks to all veterans.

Louis Cohen, Tamarac